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Nov 24,  · The system of punishment in my grammar school, typical, I suppose, in the s, was quite simple: if you were a dead good lad and did everything you should do, you collected Merit breasted.xyz, for example, if your homework was spot on and you received, say, 10 out of 10, you were awarded a Merit breasted.xyz was recorded in your Journal and signed and dated by the . 39 thoughts on “ ANATOMY OF A CANING – no pain, no gain ” Clive 29th January I understand what everybody is talking about. What compels me to endure the extreme pain of the cane? I always get excited leading up to the day of the caning but once I am there, I get very tense and once my pants are down and I am strapped down to the caning bench with my bare .

Directed by Roberto H. RoquerCast:Giulia GiovanettiRobert A. LynchJane, a depressive and solitary dominatrix living in L.A. After dealing with alcoholism, an. In the hard F/M spanking video The Panty Raid, two college boys sneak into a sorority house to steal panties as part of their fraternity breasted.xyz do not, however, expect Lisa and Heather to catch them in the act. The hapless pledges are spanked and strapped by the dominant sorority sisters and then each perpetrator is given a severe paddling over the lap of Jackie, the strict .

The master leaned over her face and crushed his lips against hers, nibbled her bottom lip and drew the sweet crimson liquid, tongue darted into her and explored mercilessly. Sara moaned and could only wait for it to be over as Richard ate at her mouth greedily, swiped his . While neither an M.D. nor a Ph.D. — nor any D, for that matter — Dr. Don explains he’s a “Spankologist,” or an expert in adult male spanking. “People who have spanked for as many years as I have are considered doctors of their trade,” he reasons.