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adult final fantasy fan fiction - Kyrie Canaan Final Fantasy Remake

Apr 05,  · The Fanfiction Fans Final FantasyXII Forum 0 A forum for everyone who loves writing fanfiction for Final FantasyXII! Support, encouragement etc for fellow fanfiction writers. Discuss your latest project, inspirations, or anything fanfic or Final FantasyXII related here! English - Topics: 1 - Since: - VelvetC. Other latest & upcoming games. Final Fantasy XVI; Games.

Aug 24,  · A story that takes place during the Final Fantasy 13 series! When you want to find out what'll happen, read the Fan Fiction! Warning: Swear words will be used! Info: The characters might be OOC! Serah here was never crystallized, and Serah's also . Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction "Dream of Me" Alternate Ending [ X - Adult: No readers under Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ] By: Masamune's Song This is an alternate ending to Lady Sanzennine's fanfic "Dream of Me." Sephiroth, now head of Shinra, takes Aeris for his mistress.

KH Fan Fiction; Rave Glory; rant; send help; blue mage blah; Side Story; Stormblood; New Year message; Runa Caliburn; Artwork; Frontline; See you all soon! des des dah Almighty! Super Lodestone Guests; guest fenfen; espers blah blah; KH Aqua Cosplay; Fictional Story; Special Guest Inquire; ashy; Collaboration; YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse; WW-DC. Dunkel (the name is short for Dunkelheit which is German for Darkness), is the father of Seifer Almasy and a well known Sorcerer and Sorceress Knight that has lived in an eternally young body for over a Hundred Years, only sending his powers and spirit into another body once when his own was near destroyed during the Sorceress War 1 Apperance Physical Apperance Personality 2 Relatives.