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Adult Basic and Family Literacy Education. The Division of Adult Education administers federal and state adult basic and family literacy funds. Adult basic and family literacy education programs funded by the Division of Adult Education provide a full range of services that support Pennsylvanians in developing basic skills that are necessary to participate fully in the education of their. Overview of Free Literacy Classes, Programs, & Resources for Adults. Adult literacy resources are easier to come by online than you might think. Many websites offer free, short courses that cater to English learners of all levels. You can choose a specific focus area, such as business or communications, or take courses that are broad in scope.

Introduced by UNESCO in November , International Mother Language Day aims to promote appreciation and conservation of languages around the world. So if functional illiteracy is a void that consumes much more than simply the ability to read, then improved adult literacy will inversely have an enormous positive impact. Many adults in this situation realize the need to be educated and are enrolling in literacy programs or are working toward earning their GED®, the positive effects of which.

Nov 01,  · Adults in the District seeking to build their skills have several options, including enrolling in one of the city’s eight adult public charter schools or a literacy program run by community. What does the adult literacy program do? For tutors: We train volunteer tutors in methods of reading instruction to assist their students. Literacy Program staff match tutors and students. For literacy students: We provide free, basic literacy instruction to adult learners through confidential one-to-one study sessions that are geared to what the student wants to learn.