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microfinance clients. Courses include basic literacy, business and life skills. Since , over , clients have graduated from our Adult Education classes. Over the years, Fonkoze has developed and taught members to read and write; to better manage their business; to protect the rights of their children; to advocate for their own rights as women; and to understand how to . Modern Haitian Literature in American Public Libraries 63 Danticat (b. ); René Despestre (b. ); Dany Laferrière (b. ); Jean Métellus (b. ); Anthony Phelps (b. ); Paulette Poujol Oriol (b. );.

AKV offers literacy classes for rural farmers and their families with a focus on environmental sustainability through better farming techniques and fundamental reading, writing, and arithmetic skills. The project has also recently initiated a micro- credit activity so that farmers can start businesses and earn a reliable and sustainable income. Literacy Rate Adult literacy rate is the percentage of people ages 15 and above who can both read and write with understanding a short simple statement about their everyday life. Haiti literacy rate for was %, a % increase from Haiti literacy rate for was %, a % decline from

He spent many years working as a trainer in youth and adult literacy campaigns throughout rural Haiti under the program “Mission Alpha”. Pierre was an instructor for the Haitian Red Cross. In the s he became a prominent member of a youth association conducting research on science and culture under the leadership of late Father Mathelier. The Haitian Adult Literacy Program is ABI's main thrust. It is located in the mountain area of Kenscoff in Haiti, serving adults over age The program consists of Level 1 (alphabet, sounds, simple words, etc), Level 2 (grammar, sentence structure, etc) and Level 3 (comprehensive reading, writing, and simple math).