ESDoll 161cm Sex Doll Lifelike Adult Doll for Male - adult realitic doll


adult realitic doll - ESDoll 161cm Sex Doll Lifelike Adult Doll for Male

Options are pre-selected to look like the photographs shown, so you can order exactly the realistic sex doll you want. Pre-optioned dolls have hand-painted semi-permanent makeup and hairstyle as shown in her photos (or as close to it as the make-up artist can achieve). Pre-options make it easy for you to get the doll just as you see her! The Realdoll company use Hollywood special effects technology to produce the most realistic “love dolls” in the world. What freaks me out is that the dolls feature completely articulated skeletons, allowing for anatomically correct positioning. They also use a unique blend of the best silicone rubbers to ensure an incredibly realistic feel.

-EVO skeleton, all piper dolls can squat, shrug shoulders and more flexible than most other sex dolls-All Piper Dolls come with gel filled hollow breasts-Only built in vagina option -This doll is made of Platinum Silicone Height: cm/4 feet 4 inches Material: Platinum Silicone and Evo Skeleton. Bust Size: 76cm/ inches D Cup. At AINI, you have a more realistic option: the AINI AI Doll. Starting around $3,, you can have the equivalent experience with a better companionship experience. For the solo user or couples who want to spice up their sex life, this new generation of sex dolls is a real opportunity.

A sex doll, often referred to as a love doll or a companion doll, is a life-size doll that is made from TPE or silicone. All doll are anatomically correct sex toy, including vagina, anus, penis & mouth and is designed to look and feel like the real thing! DreamDoll - Official website of adult's silicon dolls. fr; en; If you are looking to buy a doll, you must have many questions looking for answers. The main question often being "What material should i choose for my doll?". Interested about discovering our dolls in real life? Come and visit us at our Showroom! Located 15 away minutes.