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"does low vitamin d, low white blood count, low neutrophils, high bilirubin deserve pass by the pcp? (like no remarks no further tests or questions ask" Answered by Dr. Randy Baker: Seek another doc: Low vit. D at least deserves treatment recommendatio. Jan 16,  · Gilbert syndrome is an inherited genetic condition in which a person has slightly high levels of bilirubin pigment, because the liver does not process it properly.

Nov 06,  · 2. High direct Bilirubin level with normal or slightly elevated indirect bilirubin, commonly seen in results of obstructive jaundice due to hepatitis A for children or stones, for example: Direct bilirubin mg/dl high, indirect bilirubin normal mg/dl. Direct bilirubin mg/dl high, indirect bilirubin slightly elevated mg/dl. 3. Oct 20,  · Natural Treatments to Reduce Bilirubin Levels: Take a hot, high herb enema twice a day. Use white oak bark or bayberry bark tea. If fever is present drink a glass of water with lemon juice every hour. Take a cup goldenseal and .

Jun 22,  · My direct billy ruben level is at My total is I found this information out at a physical that I had to take for a job I was going to get. They told me to go to a doctor. However they did not know about some of my previous conditions. As a baby I was put on the fluorescent light which I assume was for high ruben levels. Also this last winter I developed Mono. It seems that you are having high bilirubin levels Janice past 2 years which was after you got diagnosed with cholelithiasis. This might be because there might an obstructionist to the bile juices and this sort of condition we call it as obstructive jaundice. But this is associated with severe abdominal pain.