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Dec 22,  · Squat, fat, round, and balloon-like are all good adjectives to describe the Mozambique Rain Frog. They’re the bulldogs of the frog world! While the Mozambique Rain Frog is listed by the IUCN as a species of “least concern” due to its widespread range throughout Africa, they are actually pretty uncommon in the reptile/amphibian hobby world. The best guide is to feed based on your frog's body condition: If your frog is getting too round and fat, cut back on how often it is fed. Common Health and Behavioral Problems Bacterial and fungal infections of the skin and eyes are among the most common ailments of amphibians, and the Pacman frog .

The majority of their diet is composed of crickets, along with other food substitutes in every few feedings. It is recommended to feed your frogs 3 to 6 kinds of food every 2 or 3 days, especially for adult frogs. The younger frogs need to be fed more frequently with vitamins and mineral supplements. Nov 04,  · The members of this large frog family are commonly referred to as narrow-mouthed frogs. They are hardy frogs and can make great pets, provided all of its needs are met. This frog family is estimated to have diverged, or ‘speciated’, approximately 66 million years ago, immediately after the Cretaceous extinction event.

Dec 03,  · Chubby Frog Sexing I purchased a Chubby Frog (painted bullfrog) about a month and a half ago. It seems to be doing fine but I am wondering about its . Aug 19,  · 2. Burmese Chubby Frog This pet is sometimes known as an Asian Painted Bullfrog. The Burmese Chubby is a large frog from Asia. Their chubby appearance makes them a great choice for first time keepers that want a cute pet. They also do not need much space and so will happily live in a gallon aquarium.