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Sep 17,  · According to the law, IEPs do not carry over from high school into college, even for online degrees. Instead, colleges must provide accommodations for students with learning disabilities. However, accessing those accommodations for online college courses usually requires students to self-advocate. Students with disabilities made up % of enrolled undergraduate students in the U.S. according to the most recent data release from the Department of Education (DoE).

Beacon is a college for students who learn differently, including those with learning disabilities, dyslexia, and ADHD. This accredited college offers both bachelor and associate degrees, in tandem with learning specialists, peer tutoring, study groups, and counseling. In a recent study of students with disabilities, the National Center for Education Statistics revealed that of the million students enrolling in colleges in , ~ million (%) of these students have some kind of disability.

May 09,  · Think College Online Tool. The Think College Initiative is a program of the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) at the University of Massachusetts in Boston that focuses on research, training, and the dissemination of information of post secondary education. Think College is a website that provides comprehensive resources to college options for people with intellectual disabilities. Accommodating Adults with Disabilities in Adult Education Programs; Learning to Achieve: A Review of the Research Literature on Serving Adults with Learning Disabilities, (PDF) Accommodations and Modifications for Students Career Education and Adult Education-brochure-(revised ) (PDF) Accommodations and Modifications for Students with.