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Condom Distribution Programs (CDPs) have been proven to increase condom use, prevent HIV/STDs, and save money. CDPs change the environment so that there is increased availability, accessibility, and acceptability of condom use. CDC requires select grantees to implement CDPs as part of a larger HIV prevention strategy. Condom promotion encourages the use of condoms through education, counseling and advertising. Condom distribution makes condoms readily available to individuals either for free or at highly subsidized prices. What is its evidence of effectiveness?

Our distributor / wholesale community is an important part of our success in servicing all condom and lubricants supply distribution points. We provide all major brands as well as a wide variety of custom / private labeled products. Condom Distribution Throughout the Southern United States Community Based Organizations (CBOs) are continuing to work on HIV prevention and risk reduction strategies, all while following physical distancing guidelines and addressing the COVID global pandemic.

Jan 11,  · Condom Distribution Programs as Part of an HIV Prevention Strategy According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), condom distribution programs are a type of structural intervention that involve the distribution of condoms as a . Condom Distribution The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) outlined the scientific support, considerations, and strategic planning for condom distribution as a structural-level HIV intervention. Distribution programs have been proven to increase condom use and prevent HIV/sexually transmitted infections.