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Critical thinking is a need recognized at all levels of education including basic literacy. This article dis cusses why critical thinking is of particular impor tance to adults in prison. It proposes a problem solving model of incorporating critical thinking into a basic literacy program. Readers will go through the. Critical literacy encompasses a range of critical and analytical attitudes and skills used in the process of understanding and interpreting texts, both spoken and written. Currently, in adult education, it is most often discussed in relation to literacy and language learning.

Beginning July 7 – 14, the Adult Literacy Professional Development List will host a guest discussion of Student Involvement and Critical Thinking in Adult Literacy. Join our guests, Cynthia Peters, Editor of The Change Agent, and Marty Finsterbusch, Executive Director of VALUE, to share issues, strategies, and resources for instruction. Literacy is much more than just reading and writing. By nurturing those skills, full literacy—reading comprehension, purposeful writing critical thinking about what is read and written—can be achieved. UNESCO believes it is a basic human right.

Developing Discipline-Based Critical Thinking Skills via Use of Interactive Technologies This article provides a rationale for incorporating the development of critical thinking skills into the online learning environment.