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By now, she'd recovered slightly, which Dawn was grateful for. Ever since Buffy, her sister and legal guardian, had died four years ago, Willow and Tara had been Dawn's guardians. Sunnydale Social Services said that Dawn still needed a guardian until she finished high school, even though she was already eighteen. Buffy her best friend was coming over and she couldn't wait for her to get there. The stress of the finals had been getting to Buffy and she asked Willow for help. Out of the blue Willow suggested that Buffy try hypnosis. Buffy told her that she was willing to try anything. Little did the vampire slayer know her best friend had other plans.

Dec 02,  · Dawn stayed horribly immature, and even if she wasn't the Key, it was no wonder Buffy and Joyce never felt comfortable leaving her alone unless there was a babysitter 10 feet away. No One Had Siblings. “Buffy? Willow?” he called out, but there was no reply. Even for the library it was extremely quiet. “I really hope this is a dream,” Xander said as he looked back to the computer and saw there was a message on the screen. Bad news, Champion. We regret to inform you that the world has come to an end. We, the forces of good, have lost.

French Maid Katrina, we're obviously supposed to think the geeks will hypnotise Buffy into being their sex slave as stated in their original aims in 'Flooded' and the subject of much creepy fanfic (The Erotic Mind Control Archive) I do like the one where we discover the effect of the Orbs wears off but Buffy turns the tables and keeps using the. Buffy realizes that Dawn isn't her sister and fears that the girl may be there to harm Joyce -- a suspicion that seems to gain credence from Giles' revelation that the orb Buffy found is a.