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The key – as with all communication – is to be authentic. Know what you want to communicate, believe in your own authority and point of view, and then deliver, with your words and with your face. Like any other communication tool, using facial . Aug 15,  · Nonverbal Communication: The Importance of Eye Contact. Eye contact is normal. Eye contact is natural. Eye contact is healthy. Infants instinctually have a strong desire to gaze into others’ eyes. Yet, why is it that so many adults with fairly good interpersonal communication skills have long since “unlearned” this fundamental and indispensable .

Facial Expression Communicative Meanings of Facial Expressions. Facial expression refers to certain movements or conditions of the facial muscles that facilitate the nonverbal communication Opens in new window of some thought, emotion Opens in new window, or behavior.. Facial expression is the main channel we use to decode emotional states or . Aug 06,  · There is so much more to communication than just what you say. Your body language, facial expressions, and eye contact (or lack thereof) are just as important as words when you’re communicating with others. For example, consider a time that you were being interviewed. Was your interviewer serious the whole time, or did they smile?

Sep 18,  · Electronic V. Face to Face As electronic communications (talking without the benefit of looking in the eyes of the person you are communicating with) take a precedence as a primary form of communication in all walks of like – personal and/or professional – we are often left to try to substitute our inability to read what we cannot perceive with our eyes. Nov 15,  · The Importance of Facial Expressions When Communicating Eye contact is particularly important when communicating with our partner. We all know that nonverbal communication is always happening. We communicate nonverbally with our tone of voice, facial expressions, touch, eye contact, etc.