Skyla and Kimber Share BFs Dick - kimber 1911 locked and cocked


kimber 1911 locked and cocked - Skyla and Kimber Share BFs Dick

As such, both MTR Custom and Don Hume only offer thumb break options for the Kimber Micro 9 that function when the pistol is carried with the hammer cocked (commonly called the "Cocked & Locked", or "C&L" position). This means that the thumb break will ONLY snap closed when the hammer is in the cocked position. Dec 24,  · Yes and I wish my Shield could be carried that way. I just can not feel comfortable with a striker fired pistol after so many years of revolvers, DA pistols and s. I would trade it in a heartbeat for a small 9 that could be carried cocked and locked. Even a Star BK or BKM. Just something about it feels safer to me. Yea I am weird, get over it.

Jan 07,  · I really believe that the is safe to carry "cocked and locked" being you have to grip the pistol to be able to fire and also have to manually take it off of safe. The leather piece of the holster gives another level of safety in that if the hammer should fall (in my opinion extremely unlikely) then the leather would prevent contact with. What do we mean by “cocked and locked”? The M pistol is loaded by inserting a charged magazine and racking the slide. This action chambers a cartridge and cocks the hammer of the pistol. The thumb safety is then pushed up toward the sight. This “locks” the pistol. The safety is on and the slide will not move.

Mar 28,  · As far as Kimber goes they have the reputation of being about one of the best production on the market. As far as carry. If you are going to carry a you need to carry it locked and cocked. You just have to train to carry the weapon and disengage the thumb safety, you also realize it base a grip safety also. GUNLEATHER Holster - Thumb Break Leather Holster - Cocked and Locked Carry - Right Hand OWB Holster for Belts - Fit 4" and 5" Barrels out of 5 stars $ $