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Dr. Jay K. Harness explains what Paget's Disease of the breast is, its relevance to breast cancer, and how it is often misdiagnosed as Eczema. Click Here & G. Feb 16,  · Breast malignant, males, children - Paget disease. D. HER2: the majority of Paget disease cases are HER2 positive and therefore HER2 can be used to confirm the diagnosis. In the absence of invasive carcinoma, HER2 positivity does not influence treatment since Paget .

Paget disease of the breast is a chronic, eczematous rash on the nipple and adjacent areolar skin; Epidemiology incidence occurs in % of cases of female breast cancer. underlying carcinoma is present in nearly % of cases; almost exclusively seen in women 5/5. Sep 23,  · Grade 1 breast tumors tend to grow and spread slowly. Grade 3 and 4 tumors don’t look like normal cells and tissue, and they tend to grow rapidly and spread faster than lower-grade tumors.

Paget's disease of the breast is a rare type of cancer that forms in or around your nipple. It’s involved in 1% to 4% of all breast cancers. It may be linked with an underlying breast cancer. Jun 19,  · The survival rate for Paget’s disease of the breast is often dependent on the pathologic phase of the related cancers although this theory has not been shown by case-management studies. 1 A year survival rate study shows that positive axillary node metastases is an uncommon condition and is less than 13%. 2.